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Welcome To Our Affiliate Program
In this first email, you will learn how to use your affiliate account, how to log in and obtain your affiliate link, banners for your site and more after a successful registration.
10 Affiliate Marketing Commandments
That's Right! The 10 Affiliate Marketing Commandments.  There are rules to this that we'd like to share with you.
Where To Advertise Affiliate Links
Where should you advertise affiliate links? This guide will answer that question and more.
More Tools To Help You Sell!
Distributing Your Affiliate Links
In this email, we will offer you tips and pointers on how to share and distribute your affiliate links. These tips will help you maximize your affiliate commissions.
Promoting On Your Website
The best place to promote affiliate links and products are on your own website.  In this email we will tell you why. You're going to love this.
Using Affiliate Links On Pinterest
We all love Pinterest, so why not take advantage of it by promoting our affiliate links there?.. In this guide, we will offer you tips using Pinterest for your affiliate links.
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